Project development
- success with caution

With the goal of a stabile and sustainable development of our properties and their values we place great value on budget-conscious buying-in within the project development. To the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

Lease contract management
- Full service from a single source

Keystone International supports other property investors and owners from the first idea, the development of the idea right up to the realization and ongoing servicing. The scope of services includes support regarding legal and tax questions during the due diligence phase, through the conception of financing and price negotiations, up to valuation reports and property management.

- innovative approaches in all objectivity

Due to many years of industry experience and deep insight in the market we are able to set standards as well as to build and compare reference levels. An own database and constant benchmarking are basis for a new acquisition or exploitation, price negotiations for lease and purchase contracts and the consulting regarding implementation ideas.

Our own property financing
- a unique market approach

Due to different market situations after the financial crisis Keystone International decided to establish an own property financing subsidiary. K-Bonds Finance GmbH is a company which works on the conception and structuring of property financing. It is organizing the emission of mortgage bonds for Keystone International.